5 facts showing that EdTech is important for the future of global education

Many teachers and politicians are still asking critical questions concerning EdTech and whether technology can improve education in a global perspective. It is important to be critical and technology is no substitute for a good teacher or well-established teaching methods.

On the other hand there are some global numbers and forecasts which show that it is almost impossible to solve the global education crisis we face without including digital learning resources as part of the equation.

1. No fewer than 250 million children can not read or write. These children represents 20 percent of all children in the world.

2. 130 million of the 250 million people who can neither read nor write have been trough at least four years of school.

3. Globaly there is the need for 12.6 million new teachers until 2020 to reach the goal of education for all. This is according to Unesco, based on current paradigm without extensive use of technology.

4. Teacher Salaries make up about 80 percent of education budgets in most countries.

5. By 2025, there will be upwards of 4.7 Billion people online of and 75 percent of the increase will come in emerging economies.

I think these number tell us that we can say without any shadow of doubt that edTech and digital learning resources will play a “center stage” role in moving global education in to a new paradigme.

Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report 2015.