Startup workshop for Maarifa Initiative in Addis Ababa

In mid July I traveled to Addis Ababa to start up the først Maarifa Initiative project in Ethiopia. On my trip to eLearning Africa in May earlier this year I met with my friend Fasika Minda at Addis Ababa University and Fasika will now lead the work for us in Addis this summer. Together with Zekarias Teshome will be organizing the work of students and development of both content and our website.
During the first workshop now i July we have launched the Ethiopian version of our website at and startet translating content from English to Amharic. We have also recruited students who will work for us during the summer and we have now formed a team of 9 people in Addis.

We will translate and re-contextualize content in three different categories:

  • Basic ICT and web literacy
  • Life skills(teacher resources)
  • Literacy(teacher resources)

As a part of the project in Ethiopia we will also develop new content using H5P, mainly focusing on interactive content like drag and drop and fill in the blanks to add value to the content we translate.

We have re-used Creative Commons resources from The open University and their Tessa project, NDLA(Open educational resources for secondary schools in Norway), The Australian government and Norwegian project)

From August 3 – 6 we organized a larger workshop at Addis Ababa University where students will participate and translate content into Amharic.




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