Norwegian OER project H5P used by several hundred million worldwide

The open source and open educational platform H5P has seen fantastic traction of the last two years, reaching several 100 million users worldwide, with the H5P component installed in more than 40.000 websites. Last week it was announced that H5P is soon to be integrated into Moodle core, meaning that hundreds of millions of new community members will join the H5P family over the next year or two.

This is truly an amazing story about a small team of designers and developers that started out on a mission to create an open source tool that allows users to create interactive HTML5 content that you can reuse and share across platforms and devices.

A key success factor is user-centered design and organic development of the platform. HP5 is an easy tool that everyone can learn to master. To start using H5P, all you need is a web browser and a website with an H5P plugin, or you can use a hosted service on H5P empowers creatives to develop rich and interactive web experiences more efficiently, with open source and OER at the core.

H5P is at the time of writing installed on over 40.000 websites. H5P is reused by many universities, large companies and smaller personal websites worldwide. It´s great to see this kind of reuse and in the long run, this will make the platform more sustainable!

As H5P is open source there are no “strings attached”. Anyone can reuse both content and technology without asking permission and anyone can create their own platform with H5P as part of a new solution.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the team working on EkStep, an educational platform currently being deployed in most states in India. This platform is one of many that use H5P in large scale projects, and EkStep is also being considered used in other countries in both Asia and Africa. This shows how reuse and sharing can create a collective impact that accelerates the spread of technology in education worldwide.

The Norwegian Digital Learning Arena(NDLA) team have been working on the platform from the start to develop new content types for H5P and integrating them in our platform and content production.

The team developing and designing H5P have been set up with the best product developers from NDLA and designers and developers from Joubel. What started as a public-private partnership between NDLA and Joubel, a Norwegian tech startup, has now evolved into a global movement.