Bio – Christer Gundersen

I am a developer and technology enthusiast working to unlock the full potential of the internet by promoting a free and open web. I work in a community focused on highlighting how technology and digital content can play a role as Digital Public Goods(DPG). The vision for the future is a version of the internet, where everyone can participate – safely!

As CEO and CTO for Norwegian Digital Learning Arena and the Global Digital Library, I have experience in leading the design and development of large scale platforms using DevOps, lean methodology in autonomous teams.

As a software developer, I have experience developing and prototyping solutions using Python, Javascript, TensorFlow, and other open-source frameworks.

As product design lead for The Global Digital Library and, I have experience leading human-centered design processes — through conversation, observation, and co-creation with children and youth from 7 countries in Africa and Asia. 

I currently serves as the chapter lead for Creative Commons Norway.

Previously held positions include The Norwegian government, KS, Microsoft and the Norwegian competence centre for free software.

A short video clip from our last user test in Cambodia, just days before the COVID 19 lock dow.
Headshot 2018 – CC-BY 4.0 – foto by: Tom Knudsen

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Video of Christer speaking at the Norad conference in December 2019
Speaking at the launch of the GDL in Asia CC-BY 4.0

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Speaking at the Norad conference in December 2019. Picture of Espen Røst/Norad,

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